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You're a text book Flash Artist. I'm assuming you used Flash and Flash only to do this picture? Nice work Brother.

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JohnnyUtah responds:



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good practice work!

Very good practice work with shading. I would redo the shading on the neck though because the shading doesn't really work out to look like an actual neck. You've actually added more age on the neck than what the face supports. Shading age suggests early 30's, but the neck says late 40's or later.

happy happy

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Absolutely astounding work. I caught the bottom of the eye lids though on both eyes. Making an egg shaped sphere of the face and using the guidelines for the eyes points out that the bottom eye lids line up with each other, but the bottom eye lid on the right curves upward as the bottom eye lid on the left curves downward. Awkward :) .. The shading, the hair, and the colors were used extremely well! Great work !

peach peach

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Pretty good work here. A few issues with this one though. Where you have the black between the inside of the lip to the first tooth it suggest that the teeth are starting to curve around. However, if you look at the face and the jaw you'll see that the teeth shouldn't start curving around that particular spot.

Actually... looking at it a little bit more the teeth should start the curve but the shading should be relatively light where you instead have it as complete black. The left shoulder blade should have more shading to show the true depth. It looks sort of strange, but I know where you were going with this. The middle finger of the right hand seems like it's attached to the pinkie finger. I would say darker shading in that area would alleviate the trickery that meets the eye :) . The hair is fantastic! Other than the issues mentioned above, impressive work!

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untitled untitled

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Constructive Criticism

Everyone looks great except for the lips. The detail of the lips themselves are great, but I see crookedness in the lips. Draw a line from nostril to nostril and then drag it down to the middle of the lips and you'll see what I'm talking about. Keep up the good work.

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